What Our Customers Say...

“Carl, You went above and beyond and showed up ASAP! My water line froze in the depths of our wicked winter 2015! You are my pipe thawing hero! I wish you ongoing success!”

Andrea M. Champagne (Andrea Champagne Real Estate) 2015

” “Stick with the Best and Forget about the Rest”……..this is how I feel about Carl and my experiences with Carl Penske Enterprises. I have known Carl for over 30 plus years and over the course of those years, Carl has installed a Septic system, has done excavating for a landscaping project, has built an awesome Bocce court and has plowed my driveway(still is). He also came to the aid of my teenage daughter who was stranded after having mechanical problems with her car. Next spring, if I can’t find my boat mooring, Carl will be the first person I would call. Above all things Carl is a gentleman. He is pleasant to work with and is fair and honest. He provides an honest day’s work at a fair price. All of my dealings with Carl have been positive. I would recommend him for practically anything. He is that talented! If he can’t help you then he would recommend someone that could be of help to you.”

Lou Danielczyk 2015

“If your project requires scuba divers, water line specialists, or earth moving, we highly recommend Carl Penske Enterprises. Our projects, over the past 20 years, have required all these skills. CPE is very responsive, professional and reasonably priced. They are a valuable resource for solving problems.”

Dale & Sarah Baugher, North Hero 2016

“Carl did site work for me for new construction on one of the Champlain Islands in 2015 and I highly recommend him. He and his team of workers have an amazing work ethic. They were unusually productive over long days with unflagging enthusiasm for finding innovative solutions when unforeseen issues came up. Carl’s mechanical talent and know-how are a great resource. His creative problem solving, ability to get equipment and materials onto unusual, difficult terrain and his extensive experience on the water in Lake Champlain helped make our project better than we had imagined it would be.
One example of Carl’s big-picture approach: he observed that without a swale on the steep slope behind our building site to direct water away from the house, spring runoff and heavy rains would have made the site almost unusable. Carl constructed a swale and culvert, which were not part of the original design, and created an attractive and functional solution to the problem.”

Jane Carol Glendinning 2016

“We just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with your superior service over the years. One winter we were left without water due to the fact that there was a hole in our line that sits out in Lake Champlain. Carl didn’t hesitate to throw on his we suit and dive right into those frigid waters to get out water flowing again. We are so grateful to know that we can call on Carl and his staff at anytime if there is a problem that needs immediate attention or to regularly maintain our filters to avoid future problems. Thank you again for your dedication to your customers.”

Larry and Jeannine Seevers 2015​

“Penske Enterprises has always been there for me. Since 2003 I have never had a problem that I could not rely on them to fix. Last year when the lake was so low and I had difficulty drawing clear water I called Carl and he solved my problem by moving my filter out 300 feet. Due to his creative thinking and his skilled labor I had water when many were experiencing difficulty. I highly recommend Carl Penske Enterprises.”

Bob Hebert 2016

“Carl did a great job putting in access to the Lake at my former lake house. I have sold it as of June 29th this year. He also did my driveway with crushed stone – also a great job.”

Earl Wertheim 2015

“Carl was responsive when I needed help. He made good suggestions, began and completed the work on schedule and within budget. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on Carl again”.

Ed Carroll 2015

“I have worked with Carl Penske Enterprises since 1993 when we bought our property in Grand Isle, VT. Carl has many skills and talents helping us to set and annually maintain our boat mooring, reform and upgrade our driveway, completely install and maintain a home water supply system out of the lake till we tied into the town water system, and weld to repair our broken aluminum dock. I have found Carl to be very honest with his communications and when Carl says he will get a job done for a certain price it does get done within the projected time frame and for the quoted price.”

Chuck Besterman 2015

“Carl has done many jobs for me and I have found him to be honest, hardworking and professional.

Carl is versatile and is very capable of performing a wide range of jobs !

I would recommend him for any tasks you may have.”

Larry Cherrier 2015

“I put Carl and his team right up there will all the other “first responders”. Whenever I have an emergency or other problem with my water system he is right there to take care of it.

​I am a very pleased and satisfied customer.”

David Coates 2015

“It was the mid-1980s when I first watched Carl Penske getting the job done. I’d just moved to the Islands and was working for the Free Press and photographed Carl extricating a couple rigs from the lake. Watching him solve those problems led me to hire CPE for many jobs over the next quarter-century: welding an extension to a lakeside staircase, dropping a pier pad off the south end of Providence Island, performing emergency erosion control at the Providence dock during the floods of 2011, working on our pontoon boat and trailer, laying down truckloads of black rock and doing roadwork and lots of excavator and dozer work. Carl’s wide range of skills makes him a creative problem solver when it comes to projects where you have to make decisions on the fly. Communication is the key to getting any job done. One reason we appreciate working with CPE is that when you talk to Carl you’re talking to the truck driver, the heavy equipment operator, the diver, the welder and the guy who writes the bill up. There’s no room for miscommunication and the project gets done right. Plus, while strategizing on the details of any piece of work, Carl’s always good for a few laughs and that always makes any job go better.”

Rob Swanson 2016

“My family has enjoyed working with Carl Penske for many years. I will not hesitate to call him for assistance. He has always been very professional in the work he does. He is thorough and efficient, and he completes his projects on time. Carl’s knowledge about the lake bed is invaluable. He helped us determine which anchoring system we should use for our boat, and he has maintained our water system for years. Carl shows a genuine concern for his customer. He takes the time to be sure the project is done well, and his estimates are fair and accurate. As an added benefit, he has a great sense of humor!”

Millie Armstrong, DVM South Hero, VT 2015

“How lucky we are to have Carl (and Julie) as neighbors. Over the 29 years we have lived next to Carl he has installed a year round water line, diverted water from the road away from our garage and basement, excavated foundations for two additions, saved our boat when it broke lose from it’s mooring (and we were in San Francisco), rebuilt our lakeshore retaining wall, and put up with all of our picky design requirements. Each time we worked together, he listened to what we wanted and figured out a way to make it happen. He is honest, creative, and cares about doing a job right.” ​

Bill and Ellen Dorsch 2015